We partnered with SnagFilms to have a way for our fans to watch Second Skin streaming for free! We like what they're about because they care about content and distributing on a great platform with incredible selection. I hope you enjoy watching Second Skin, available again for the first time online in over 2 years!


the Arts Centre, BlackBox, Melbourne

Ominous to optimistic. Innovative and interactive.

Experimenta Utopia Now International Biennial of Media Art chases the dream of a perfect world. Showcasing more than 35 works from countries including Australia, Japan, Austria, India, Germany, Canada, France, Taiwan and the UK, Experimenta Utopia Now critiques the scope for happiness on earth as we know it, pokes fun at social and physical boundaries and questions the human race’s ability to preserve itself.

Second Skin is officially on Instant Queue for Netflix. So if you are at home, by a computer, in front of your Xbox, and can watch streaming video... your one and only option should be Second Skin. If anybody had an excuse before you just don't anymore. Happy viewing everbody.

Go here to start streaming Second Skin now.

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At times it's intense and uncomfortable, at others it's touching and heartwarming, but from start to finish it's an utterly fascinating exploration of society, escapism, and the bonds we build and break in online games. Second Skin can be appreciated by gamers and non-gamers alike, and will give you plenty of stuff to discuss - or just to think about.

The film is now available on iTunes for digital download! If you've been waiting for it - now is the time.

Download it from iTunes here.

I'm proud to announce that Second Skin has been distributed through November to On Demand cable channels everywhere! The following list of providers are now streaming to TV's near you. Happy watching.


Verizon AT&TDISH Network (VOD)

Insight Communications

We finally got our shwag in! I can't believe we have our very first movie poster! If you come to the screenings we'll be giving away a couple too, a few Second Skin shirts, and even some really cool stickers. The DVD looks great, and there is 70 minutes of bonus features.

Click here to watch!

Prize giveaways, events after the movie, new information on how to pre-order Second Skin, and much more. Just click on the picture to watch the video!

If you live in LA, Austin, Boston, or NYC pick up a ticket and join us. Please help our grassroots effort and send the message to a couple of friends. More information after the jump!

Click here to watch!

With the DVD release inching ever closer we decided to give the world a sneak peek with this new clip. Two of the Fort Wayne Boys have just successfuly picked up the Burning Crusade expansion of W.O.W. and are debating on who will be the first to succumb to sleep. With a long night ahead of them its only a matter of time before only one man is left standing, or just awake in their computer chair.

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